Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The Easiest Blankie Ever!

This weekend I tackled my first ever sewing project - a soft, fluffy blankie for my daughter.  Believe me when I tell you that anyone can make this.  I have never used a sewing machine in my life (gasp!) and I had it finished in about a half hour.

Your children will love it!  People will be in awe of your talent!  Are YOU ready to make one??  

Okay.  Let's get started!

What you will need:

Cotton fabric
Fuzzy fabric (Is there a technical term for this?  I think fuzzy works!)

Note:  Pre-wash your fabrics!  This will make a huge difference with shrinkage! 

1. Start out by deciding how big you want your blankie.  I didn't really do technical measurements on mine - just size it out!  (Note: It is actually easier to tear your cotton fabric instead of cutting it.  Just snip in a bit where you want it to be, and tear it from there.  Super easy and you get really straight lines!) 

2.  Lay out your fabric.  Start with the fuzzy side up.  Lay your cotton fabric down on top of it with the printed side down.

3.  Pin your fabric together every couple of inches.

4.  Now you can start sewing!  When you get to the corners, lift up the foot but leave the needle down and turn your blankie.  Then put the foot back down and continue.  I sewed mine about 1/2" in.  When you get towards the end, leave about 4" or so open so that you can pull the blankie rightside out.  Don't forget to backstitch!

 5.  Once you have turned your blankie rightside out, finish sewing it up!  (You can do this with your sewing machine, or by hand)

Voila!  You are finished!!  Enjoy the fruits of your labor!!

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