Monday, June 25, 2012

How PINteresting - Tin

Lately I have been obsessed with using tin for decorations around the house - old soup cans, pitchers, you name it!  Today I'm sharing some fun tin creations I've been seeing on Pinterest!

I just love this fun sign from Decor Steals!  I think this would make a really cute DIY project for waaayy less than they are selling it for - most people could probably find old scraps of wood and tin out in their garage!

This bird house would be so cool out in somebody's shabby garden!  Via Grandiflora.

This pedestal is to die for!  (I would NEVER buy this though - it would be SO easy to make with thrift store finds!)  Via Farmhouse Wares.

This arrangement of vintage sap buckets from A Beautiful Mess is simple, but gorgeous!

My favorite tin home decor item is the easiest - soup cans!!  They are so nice - you can dress them up, or down, paint them, wrap them - whatever your mind can conjure up!  Via The Little White Book.

Vintage tea cans and other items make great vases! (Sorry, no source on this one..)

Hope this gives you some inspiration!!  Happy Monday!