Monday, June 11, 2012

Fun in the Sun!

On Friday, I had posted about going up north to Clearwater Lake with my family.. If anybody is in for a few laughs, continue on..

 The day started off innocent enough, with all of my nieces and nephews enjoying tubing and boat rides..

Then comes Miller Time... When adults start to make strange decisions.

 Like my sis and I deciding it was a good idea to go tubing with a deflating tube under my tush.  (Ouch, I don't recommend doing this.)

Do I look excited to get on???  Not so much.  Falling in this cold water is reminiscent of the Titanic!!

Never fear - My boy toy has the hardcore tubing down!!  (Making the rest of us look like no-good losers!)

How fun is the Slip'N'Slide?!  I broke my fingers on one of these when I was seven and haven't touched one since..

My daughter thought fishing was pretty exciting!!

And it can't be a good weekend up north without a campfire, complete with s'mores, Jiffy Pop, and ghost stories!!

Who else has fun and exciting plans for this summer?!  Share on..