Thursday, June 21, 2012

Thrifty Finds

This week I found some great finds while I was out and about..

Who's ready for some thrift-action?!

Ready, set....

 I love this little guy!!  So sleek and fun!

 I got this for $1.  It is adorable!

 I love the color of this little pitcher.

 This awesome piece is going up in my laundry room!!

This fugly/amazing green chair???  FREE!!  Jeffrey and I spotted it in a house last year when we were house-hunting and the lady told me that when she moved out, she would give it to me.  I was thinking, "Yeah, okay lady, like you're actually going to remember.."  but yesterday she called me and asked if I still wanted it!  Heck yes!  I am planning on using some Simply Spray on it to give it a new color.  I don't really mind the green at all, actually, but it is pretty dingy looking in person so it needs some TLC.

And this beauty came from Craigslist.  $20.  I love everything about it!  EXCEPT the horrendous cords hanging from underneath.  Anybody have some ideas to hide those??

Who else had some good finds this week?

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