Thursday, June 7, 2012

Hip, Hip Hop..

So yesterday on my way to work I killed a bird.  :(

It seems whenever I kill an animal, it is at the beginning of my day and then the rest of my day just SUCKS.  If you know me, I have a complex about killing ANYTHING - even an ant.  In fact, I remember specifically a time when I was maybe 8, and my twin boy cousins were over playing with us one afternoon.  We were out at the basketball court, and of course, the ants were building their hills in the cracks of the pavement.  The boys started stomping on them all, and I felt just awful.  I proceeded to start yelling at them to stop, and when they wouldn't, a major meltdown came.  I just felt so bad for those poor ants- ha!

Anyhow, my horrible bird accident really did put a damper on my day - BUT, when I was walking around the back of the building to go to my car at the end of the day, what was sitting there, just waiting for me, but this:

I mean, how cool is that!!  It was just sititng there, chillin', munching on some grass - watching me watch him.  I got really close to take some of these pictures, and it didn't even faze the thing!!

Maybe it was God's way of making me feel a bit better about the bird.  I like to think so. :)

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  1. aaaw, that bunny was a sign that life goes on! so cute! we have so many bunnies around here and we never tire of seeing their cute faces. i love to see their tails as they hop away!