Wednesday, June 6, 2012


Happy Wednesday, ya'll!!

Hope you had a great weekend!!  Mine was FULL of  some DIY! (Note: This post was meant for Monday.. Computer issues are really quite annoying, aren't they??)

I've really been wanting to paint my hallway with horizontal stripes ever since my SIL Candy (who is the most amazing woman ever!) did her's in grey and white.  It looked amazing and I needed it for my home!  I have had the cans of paint sitting in my spare shower (awesome storage space, I know) for the past three months and just kept putting it off and putting off, so finally, enough was enough!

Don't judge me by ridiculously dirty floor!!  I didn't clean up my mess before I snapped this photo!

Also, I didn't notice until I was finished that the colors really remind me of vanilla and chocolate ice cream... I must have been hungry when I was picking out paint!

Have you ever noticed that when you have kids, a project that should only take one day ends up taking three??  All of those little "helping" hands really get in the way sometimes!!  Don't they understand that you're trying to get things done???  Ha!

Here's a shot of what I caught my monster doing while I was working away being a neglectful parent:

Yes, she is trying to start it.  Too smart for her own good, I tell you!!

Have a great night!   <3